Integrating Soul, Spirit, Mind, Body & Life. LIVE


Module 1

The Departed

Teachings from the departed. This module is information provided by the departed to help us here in the physical world learn how our grief process can heal the living and the dead. 

  • January: What miscarriages & abortion is in the Spiritual Realm

  • February: The Lightworker Contract

  • March: Life Review (after Death Process)

  • April: Incarnation Contract & Spiritual Disease

  • May: Holding Space

  • June: Disembodied while alive


Module 2

Past Life Healing

Teaching of the ancestors. This module covers he layers of the soul affected by the past we have lived. Learn how to access past lives and heal safely.

  • January: Learn to read Past Life Lessons with Oracle Cards

  • February: The nuts and bolts of Past Life Healing

  • March: The Journey of Past Life Healing

  • April: Past Life Recall using Oracle Cards

  • May: The Karmic in-Law

  • June: Past Life PTSD


Module 3

Self Love

Teaching of the Spirit Guides. Lessons from the guides that direct us to wellness and self love for our mind, body and soul.


  • January: Why we cannot love ourselves

  • February: Boundaries & Triggers

  • March: Sleep, the Spirit & Low Dorsal Tone function

  • April: Personal Karmic Attachments

  • May: Personal Disconnection & Soul Drifting

  • June: Preventing Stored Karmic Trauma


Module 4

Ancestral Wounding

Teaching of the Ancestors in healed space. How we carry wounds imprinted in our soul from the cause and affect of our lineage.

  • January: Ancestral Ceremony, honour & release ancestors that are not in healed space

  • February: Ancestral Wounding Connection to Allergies & Food Sensitivities

  • March: Journey to an Ancestral Wound in us

  • April: Past Life Chakra (Casual Chakra) & Karmic Lineage Debts

  • May: Trace the Lineage Wound Oracle Card Spread

  • June: Memory Processing


Module 5

Lower World Medicine

The medicine of the Earth. We look at the medicine of plants, crystals and the animal kingdom. Shaman/ Healers see the world in 3 realms; the lower, middle & upper. We focus on the lower world medicine of plant, animal & crystal healings & teachings.

  • January: Journey to meet your Spirit Animals

  • February: Phase 1 of understanding lower world medicine (plant, spirit animal & crystal Healing)

  • March: Introduction to Medical Mediumship using Oracle Cards

  • April: Introduction to Medical Mediumship using Oracle Cards part 2

  • May: Lineage Wound Journey

  • June: Lightcode Activation 2020 through Plant Medicine


Module 6

Soul work

Teachings of the Ascended Masters. We look deep into soul work such as shadow work, soul retrieval and karmic soul infraction healing.

  • January: Shadow Reveal. The parts of your Soul needing attention, shown to you

  • February: Intro to the Psychology of the Soul & Energy Healing

  • March: Mental illness & the Soul

  • April: 2020 Pandemic

  • May: Why prayers stop working

  • June: Emotions, Soul Contracts & Toxic Stress


Module 7

Auric healing & Repair

Teachings of the Ascended Masters. We work on healing the auric field, strengthening protection, and repairing the aura.

  • January: Your Magnetic Field. Intro to your Aura

  • February: Anchors & Cords

  • March: The Empath in a Weak Aura

  • April: Navigating the Pandemic Energetically

  • May: Grounding & Survival Response (root chakra activation troubleshoot)

  • June: Track Your Blocks

Module 8

Bonus Class 

This module is a collection of bonus content to support your Personal Development..

  • January: Medicine Wheel, the Guides & Directions of Healing

  • February: Moon Cycles & Your Body. Track the affects.

  • March: Karmic Relationship vs. Twin Flame

  • April: Covid-19 Channelling

  • May: Animal Spirit Guides

  • June: Pendulums by Kristin @ I am Om


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