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Hi fellow Evolvers ✨💗

I felt called to pull some cards for some intuitive guidance, especially with everything that is going on. I hope you find some reassurance and answers through this reading. I have chosen a past, present, future and likely outcome card.

Past Card: Shaman

Trust in Higher forces -

Trust in your angels , guides and ancestors. If you had given your power away, claim it back. On the inner planes, all the shamans of times gone by are helping the human race to understand the complexities of life and the needs of Mother Earth. Many are working a spiritual guides to light workers and light warriors. The shaman card brings the energy of your shaman guides to you. shamans believe that when there was illness or disease, it was because a person’s power had been left behind somewhere or a negative pattern had installed itself in them. If this card comes to you, it’s because he need to do some release work with lower energies or with your lack of trust in the spiritual energies that are guiding you. There are spiritual allies working in your favour and their miracles will unfold much more easily when you move into a state of trust. So call back your power and stop allowing external forces to divert you from the miracles you deserve. Handover your concerns to your spiritual allies. When you do so you allow them to send you intuitive guidance and message that they will allow you to correct the situation and come out on top.

Present Card: Sage

Be devoted and committed -

be willing to go to the whole road and back again. This will allow you to be the best you can possibly b

The sage represents the wise one within. When this card arises it shows that you are preparing to come a great and insightful teacher to your peers. It guides you to take notes, as the wandering Yogi is on this card, because your knowledge and life experiences can impact incredible insights to those with whom you come into contact with. This card is also about observation and becoming more of where of who you are and all of your inner workings, because that awareness can bring more clarity to your decisions. Devotion is a powerful energy. Right now angels and ancestors want to acknowledge how committed you are to your growth. Your continued dedication to this aspect of your life has been recognized,and your understanding that you are not only a body but also a soul is all you need to continue growing and expanding. The energy of oneness is is offering itself to you now and it’s important you take some time to integrate it all so that you can be supported and guided by it. This is what the divine wants for you. Make a note of experiences or teachers making themselves known to you at this time, because you are going to share those teachings one day too.

Future card : Great Teacher

Learn from spiritual experiences -

Know that what is happening around you is divinely inspired. Learn from your current experiences, then share them with others. The teacher wears simple clothes here to demonstrate that even if you live a simple life, it can be an incredibly spiritual one. He is surrounded by sense of serenity and harmony because he has absolute trust in a higher power that moves through him, and the dove on the card represents receiving answers to prayers through signs and experiencing peace through joy. This card can represent a teacher in your life, or the great teacher within. It shows you that you have dedicated a lot of time, effort and energy to understanding yourself in the world. You are having spiritual experiences at this time and gaining a greater awareness of what you need to do in order to grow. There is a great chance that if you’ve been having any challenges recently, you’ve surmounted them and allow them to be vehicles to lessons that are helping your spiritual connection. If you feel that you’ve receive messages from heaven or the universe recently, this card is confirmation that these having Indeed being Holy experiences.

Likely outcome: Spirit Fox

Trust your talents in changing times -

Stay alert as change is in the air. The energies around you are changing at this time and although it may not always be comfortable you are equipped with all that you need to survive the shift. You are being presented with opportunities to reach spaces you’ve never encountered before, and this can make you feel on edge, but be open to the shifts occurring, because they really are the answers to your prayers. The experience of being hunted or threatened is now behind you and you are being invited to come out from your Den and reveal your glory and talents. Call upon spirit fox medicine to help you be seen for whom you are and trust in your talents in order to be the best you can be in these changing times.

I hope that this brings some insight for you. Remember to trust yourself, let your emotions flow freely through you, try not to bury them deep down inside. Express and feel what you need to. Trust yourself, this will help you to work through what may be coming forward during these times. Stay safe and healing blessings to all.

If anyone feels like a card from the deck angels and ancestors that I used, please comment below and I will pick a card for you and I will respond by tomorrow evening.

Love and light ✨❤️


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