Intuition workout: pineapple or landscape?

Do you trust your intuition? Your intuition is constantly interpreting frequency of energies. In fact it’s part of your autonomic nervous system navigating you and assessing frequency in your environment to keep you safe and healthy. Intuition is instant. It is instinctual. We always pick what we need and what is aligned to the vibration we are working on. Our intuition is always working, even when we perceive to make bad choices. An example, if someone is angry and feels like they want to get into an argument to blow off steam (looking for a fight) that means they are functioning on a specific frequency. Their intuition will guide them through a series of decisions to align them to a match of frequency (someone to argue with). Intuition is always working, just like our lungs are always breathing. It’s automatic. It’s our programming and conditioned thought patterns that mislead intuitiveness. We are learning about this more in-depth in Evolve 2.0 personal evolution classroom. Right now, let’s see what frequency your intuition guides you to today.

Without over thinking it, what are you drawn to the most in the image, the pineapple or the landscape?

If you chose pineapple, your message today is about originality. “STAND OUT“ your subconscious mind screams to you. You have a desire to be original and authentic, believing in things that others may not understand. Fear has you trapped beneath a scabby shell of missed opportunities , painful memories, and disbelief in your own power. Your intuition is guiding you to ignite your passion and be authentic. Live your truth. Do those things you want to do. Life is sweet if you can find your way through the crusty layers of past wounding.

If you chose landscape, your intuition is guiding you to see the big picture. To move your focus from small details to a broader perspective. Your life will not feel full and complete when you micromanage everything perfectly to satisfy everyone else around you. In the end the tiny details won’t be what matters, your frequency, your vibe, how you make people feel and experience you in their life matters. See beyond the list of things to do, or this repeating fractioned thoughts keeping you from a bigger perspective. You deserve grandness in your life. It’s time to let go of the tiny micro perspectives and see your amazing beautiful self as a bigger picture.

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